Ivey High School Case Competition  
Ivey Case Workshop
Ivey will launch a 5-HALF-DAYs online case workshop, which aims to teach students who have not been exposed to business cases in past, how to analyze business cases, and how to make proposal and evaluate various solutions.
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Day 1
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Business case introduction & analysis tools
Day 2
lvey professor
Case analysis
Day 3
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Case analysis
Day 4
lvey professor
Proposal structure
Professor Su Ning
Professor of Management, Strategy and Information Systems
Ivey Business School, Western University
Professor Su Ning is a distinguished scholar and educator, an expert in global outsourcing and innovation strategies. His research focuses on emerging technologies and emerging markets, and his research projects have cooperated extensively with managers in various industries, including information technology, financial services, e-commerce, management consulting, manufacturing, and creative design; regions cover North America, Europe , Asia Pacific and other regions.
Professor Suning's teaching experience includes Ivey undergraduate, MBA, EMBA, PhD, executive education, and case workshops. Professor Su published a series of case studies on corporate internationalization, innovation, artificial intelligence, big data, social media and Asia-Pacific commerce. 
In 2017, Professor Suning was awarded the honor of "40 Under 40 Best Business School Professors" by Poets & Quants "Poets and Mathematicians", a top ranking organization for business schools in the world, and ranked first in the list. . In 2015, he was one of the 5 global winners of the Young Outstanding Achievement Award first established by the International Society for Information Systems. In 2016, he won the second place in the Giarratani Rising Star Award of the American International Industry Research Association (ISA).
Professor's commentary